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" I believe in the sun even when it is not shining,
I believe in love even when I do not feel it,
I believe in God even when He is silent. "

Cloud Strife brought to life by the Art of Cosplay, an art able to concretize the abstract

Hand-made Cloudy Wolf!

Small Wolf on the glove!

Fenrir motorcycle goggles

Remember? The strength we used in the final battle of two years ago...

In memory of Aeris Gainsborough

I will live for you...

And so, he takes sword in hand... once again!

FFVII AC poster

Cloud with guest-star Cris!


...Yes, I want to be forgiven...

...But now I believe he has remembered those emotions... what it meant to be strong.

The Almighty (maybe...) Webmaster & Author of Final Fantasy Dimension...

Name: Daniele a.k.a. D.F.A.T.

Physical appearance: I' d suggest not to ask this one, that' s why I placed the ultracool fake image here on the right. Well, if you really bother, you can click on the cosplay photos above and below to enlarge them at your own risk, but remember: don' t do that while eating or after lunch/dinner and have something beside you where you can vomit to if you need to

Daniele + Katana + fake background

Gals & Great Saiyaman

Great Saiyaman & Morrigan

Bard, Yuna, Rinoa & Great Saiyaman

Rude, Tseng and Great Saiyaman

Kamui from Clamp' s X 1999

Kenshin Himura in Tiger Stance

Months spent on this planet: More than 276

Present employment: Going for Master' s Degree in Computer Engineering, as well as playing the GameMaster at Star Wars RPG (although very seldom these days...)

I adore: JAPAN!!! And everything related to it, that' s to say Japanese language, Japanese culture, Manga, Anime, martial arts... everything except Japanese cooking, for I can' t bear eating rice or fish, especially if it' s raw... bleargh...

I hate: Those who hurt girls in a physical or in a psychological way, they' re capable of letting me lose my peculiar calm and getting me VERY upset... too bad for them! Speaking of minor hates, I am disgusted by most vegetables, and forcing me to eat them could provoke similar gusts of rage; I also get angry when THIS F**K PC WON' T WORK CORRECTLY, DAMMIT!!!

Hobbies & interests: As I' ve early said, Manga, Anime, but also computer, videogames (especially RPG and fighting games) , martial arts (currently Goju Ryu Karate) , music (mostly English and Japanese, J-Pop, rock, heavy metal, classical and lyrical, the Gregorian Chants, Celine Dion & Enya) , Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, writing books and poems (I just completed my fourth novel!) , and collecting swords (mostly katana) and chessboards

I' m the unrivaled champion in:

  • Devouring cakes 1/4 at a time and being able to say: "More!";
  • Eating icecreams faster than lightspeed, completely ignoring Einstein' s theorization;
  • Scratching and ruining my mother' s precious furnitures when practising with the sword, and consequently running like Flash in order to escape from mommy' s wrath;
  • Pissing my friends off when they mispell words in English, summoning the Bard' s aid in forgiving their ignorance;
  • Defeating almost every opponent in fighting games and chess, a thing that granted me the nickname of "Action Replay Man" by my envious friends;
  • Playing 12 hours/day non-stop with my console/pc when the latest RPG I' ve been waiting for months comes out... man, they' re too damn addictive, I can' t help it, it' s not my fault, I know you can understand, right??? (unfortunately university does not allow me all this spare time anymore...)

Favourite RPG characters:

FFVII: Cloud Strife and Aeris Gainsborough
FFVIII: Laguna Loire and Rinoa Heartilly
FFIX: Vivi Ornitier and Beatrix
FFX: Auron and Lulu
FFX-2: Paine
Xenogears: Citan Uzuki (Hyuga Ricdeau)
Xenosaga: KOS-MOS

...and here are those friends of mine not mentioned among the companions below:

...and his most trusted helpers & companions (more or less...)

Name: Alberto "Er Patata"

Who is for me: a former schoolmate and perhaps my current best friend, and also the second member of our secret company, the X-Team

His interests: hard rock, heavy metal, playing the electric guitar, cars & motors and computers

His help: he brought me most of the FFVII midi files and a couple of good images too

My comments: sometimes he is the funniest and most amazing guy around, and sometimes becomes such a childish, tough-head and boring person... but we gotta accept it as he is, the great Patata!

Name: Adry-senpai

Who is for me: a neighbour, and surely my oldest friend, since we' ve been knowning each other for about 14 years; he is also one of the Star Wars RPG players

His interests: computer, music, RPG, FINAL FANTASY VII, Star Wars and more

His help: he handed me some general material and kept giving me some hints and advices about my site, contributing in its improvement, and we usually discuss together the storylines of our most beloved RPGs. Currently, he is lending me a hand by providing support for the Advent Children section... thanks, Adry!

My comments: he' s indeed a nice guy, if only he weren' t that paranoid he' d be far better... anyway, he' s a person you can surely count on

Name: Marco "The Machine"

Who is for me: a former schoolmate and a current university colleague, and also one of the Star Wars RPG players

His interests: Japanese animation, rock music and swimming

His help: he proposed me some bizarre tips in order to beat the Weapons in FFVII and suggested me to insert the section related to the Yggdrasil mythology, providing some related material

My comments: he is a man who can get asleep by will in every place at every moment! But he is also greatly skilled in everyhting related to maths & physics, and with his uncountable number of "30 e lode" in a row, he has obviously deserved the nickname "The Machine"

Name: Ila

Who is for me: a "distant" friend, for she lives at more than 500km far from me

Her interests: Japan, RPGs, novels, computer, Star Wars, Tolkien, sports and so on

Her help: she brought me most of the FFVIII midi files you can listen to in the related Midi Collection

My comments: she was the first "mobile" friend I' ve ever had! It had been a while since I last heard from her, but fortunately lately we sorta came back in touch, and I' m glad that everything seems now going well with her life

Name: Fabio "Er Siso"

Who is for me: he was a guide for everything concerned RPG, a "mentor" to me

His interests: RPGs (both videogames and live) , manga, D & D, Karate, heavy metal music and so on

His help: he unveiled to me his vast "knowledge" about discovering and understanding some complex aspects of the games

My comments: his enormous experience for RPGs, especially for the Final Fantasy Series, makes him a landmark to everyone who needs help and advices about these games. He also participates in live RPGs, and he' s a very particular guy

Name: Mrs. G. Beretta

Who is for me: a rigorous, scary and sometimes tremendous teacher of History & Philosophy back during the high school days

Her interests: history, philosophy, politics, religions, literature, languages, mythologies, numerology, anthropology, etimology... ( this site won' t be enough to describe them all )

Her help: she definitely elaborated the complex Liberi Fatali numerologic interpretation and gave me some advices and info about the Qabbalistic mysticism

My comments: when she was behind the class desk, she really gave me the chills, but when her teacher mask wore off, she was with no doubts a fabulous person to be with and to talk to. And I must also admit that she has an ENORMOUS culture!

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