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Two years after the events of FINAL FANTASY VII, the ruins of Midgar stand as testament to the sacrifices that were made in order to bring peace. However, the world will soon face a new menace. A mysterious illness is spreading fast. Old enemies are astir. And Cloud, who walked away from the life of a hero to live in solitude, must step forward yet again...

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
is NOW available in
Japan (regular, limited edition and UMD)
U.S.A. (two-disc edition and UMD)
Europe (two-disc edition and UMD) !


LATEST NEWS - February 16 2006

After uncountable months of delays, finally it' s official: the AMERICAN RELEASE DATE FOR THE ADVENT CHILDREN DVD is set to April 25th 2006! It' ll be a two-disc set, but unfortunately it will not include Final Fantasy VII: Last Order. At last my countdown comes back with a vengeance, pointing this time to the official release date! Let' s hope and see...

News Archive

The entire collection of news dispatched so far regarding Advent Children!

Movie Information

Developing team, length, release dates, interviews with the authors and every other thing concerning rumors and speculations about the actual features of the movie! Featuring the full-comprehensive and detailed Venice report for the 25-min Special Trailer of Advent Children, as well as the COMPLETE REPORT OF FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN' S WORLD PREMIERE, with an exaustive narration (including spoken lines) of the entire movie, screenshots as well as our personal review and impressions for the long-awaited sequel of Final Fantasy VII!!!

Picture Collection

The largest collection of images, screenshots, screencaps, scans, wallpapers and merchandising you could ever find! Check it out!!!

Movies & Trailers

Every single trailer officially (OR NOT) released or leaked out for Advent Children that I could get my hands on, plus a couple of other interesting movies!

Rare and hard-to-find material

This is it: the rarest things related to Advent Children, including the UNOFFICIAL but ULTRA-COOL Advent Children T-Shirt image files and 28 ULTRA HIGH-RES IMAGES (up to 3733x2158) originally available only for press members... YOU WON' T WANNA MISS' EM!!!

Poetry Shrine

The poetry section of Advent Children, featuring my compositions inspired by this so anticipated movie!

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