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Memories of an Existence

One-winged Angel

Lyrics, English translation, full interpretation and Carmina Burana source of One-winged Angel, i.e. Katayoku no Tenshi, Sephiroth' s lyrical song played during the final battle!

Sephiroth Dixit

The transcript of every word Sephiroth spoke throughout the whole adventure!

Stories & Mythologies

The background stories, legends, mysticisms, literatures and mythologies behind the origin of Final Fantasy VII!

Picture Collection

My HUGE image archive, including original artworks, screenshots, CG and 3D models, fan arts and Kingdom Heart' s pictures, all of them related to Final Fantasy VII! More than 800 pictures for you to enjoy!

Sound Collection

My sound archive of FFVII, made up of various midi and some MP3 files from the wonderful game soundtrack!

Game Information

Walkthrough, complete Materia locations, tips, hints, secrets, game maps and THE FULL TRANSCRIPT AND NARRATION OF THE WHOLE GAME!!!

Poetry Shrine

The poems Final Fantasy VII have inspired me and started my literary career, they now possess a strong affective value to me, hope you' ll like them a bit!

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