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Three years after the defeat of Sephiroth in FINAL FANTASY VII, one year after the grand finale of ADVENT CHILDREN, the world begins to be restored. Reeve, a former member of Shinra Corporation, the company that had brought the Planet to its knees, invites Vincent Valentine to the opening festival of the World Reconstruction Organization, held in the city of Kalm. But what it was meant to be a joyous event suddenly turns into a battlefield, for a mysterious group called " Deep Ground " Soldiers attacks. Is this a futile attempt to break havoc in the peaceful city, or instead the beginning of another nightmare?

LATEST NEWS - June 7 2005

The Dirge of Cerberus section of Final Fantasy Dimension is now active! Featuring at the present time mainly a small Picture Collection and a Trailers & Movies Page, it' s bound to grow more and more in the coming days... so come back often and see for yourself!

Work in progress... this section has not been perfectioned yet!

Game Information

Developing team, format, release dates...

Picture Collection

Collection of screenshots, scans, wallpapers and merchandising...

Movies & Trailers

Clips and trailers of the game!

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