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LATEST NEWS - September 1 2005

Beyond Heaven' s Door

This is it. Advent Children' s World Premiere was screened, and we were there to watch it. An undescribable mixture of sensations arose within us, and Heaven' s Door opened to let us peek through it. Now, after the sensational but also tiring mission we accomplished, we propose you the report of the event, or better its first part, for we are too tired to write it all today. You' ll read of our adventure, our meeting with Nomura and the staff, and of the first part of the movie itself (DON' T READ THAT IF YOU DON' T LIKE SPOILERS, FOR ALL THE PLOT IS REVEALED!!!) . Check it out directly at the Mission to Venice: REDUX Page!

For the remaining of the movie and the complete impressions & review, come back to the Movie Info Page the next days to see the updates! YOU DON' T WANNA MISS THEM!!!

REPORT UPDATED!!! It now features almost all of the movie, leaving only the ending for the fans to see for themselves by watching it for real! STILL HEAR MY WARNING: GIGANTIC SPOILERS!!! DON' T READ IT IF YOU DON' T WANT YOUR EXPERIENCE TO BE RUINED BY PLOT REVELATIONS!!!

LATEST NEWS - August 30 2005

Preface of the Epical Tale

Preparations are complete...
echoes of the past are heard again...

...and another battle rages on in front of the horizon, where our heroes will have to fight in order to succeed and bring light upon us!
The Final Fantasy Dimension team is once again on the move, and is heading to the Venice lagoon to watch the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children' s WORLD PREMIERE! If the outcome of the battle will be the one expected and they will eventually stand victorious, get ready for another, extraordinary and FULL-OF-SPOILERS REPORT on September 1st! Stay tuned!!!

Meanwhile, go now to the Venice Redux Page to check the preparations!

And so, he takes sword in hand... once again!

Recent news - August 24 2005

Another Japanese commercial has surfaced, and the trailer as well as ten screenshots directly taken from it are now available!

See the Trailers Page or the Picture Collection to check them all out!

Recent news - August 21 2005

Back from a small vacation, here is the latest stuff reagarding Advent Children:

1) a new commercial trailer, very brief but very moving too, featuring Cloud VS Sephiroth in the skies;
2) all the screenshots you could possibly take from the fore-mentioned trailer;
3) more scans with even more images, including Kadaj who opens up a Materia box and melds a materia into his own arm (Bahamut?) .

See the Trailers Page or the Picture Collection to check them all out!

Recent news - July 21 2005

A little new trailer of Advent Children has popped out, in the dvd of Steamboy (Katsuhiro Otomo' s latest work) . It features the same English narration as the E3 2004 Trailer, but it has some new footage of Cloud fighting the Silver-haired men, as well as new shots of Midgar and the children. Go to the Trailers Page to see it now!

Recent news - May 18 2005

Much more material is now available:

1) Four screenshots from the Final Fantasy VII Technical Demo for the Playstation 3;

2) The new E3 2005 TRAILER, featuring MANY MORE SCENES than the previous trailers;

3) 20 screenshots from the fore-mentioned trailer;

4) The confirmation for the American release of the movie: SEPTEMBER 13 2005;

Go to the Trailers Page to watch the E3 Trailer, or go to the Screenshots Page to see the new screenshots! CHECK-THEM-ALL-OUT!!!

Recent news - May 12 2005

New scans of never-seen-before images of Advent Children have surfaced in Japan from Jump Magazine, and among them even Cait Sith riding the good ol' Red XIII! But more importantly, it is said that there will be a SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE in Japan and U.S.A., for both the regular and the limited edition of the movie!!! If that is confirmed, then it's gonna be a really EXCITING TIME, guys and gals!!! For what the European release is concerned, instead, it seems it will be given birth by the end of 2005. Hope more details are coming this way!

Meanwhile, check the Scans Page to see the new pictures for yourself!

Recent news - May 10 2005

The Japanese release date of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children has been finally announced by Nomura himself:

September 14th 2005

The movie will be released both in a regular and a limited edition (as everyone had predicted) . Let' s hope the localization process won' t take an eternity!

Recent news - April 9 2005

Five new screenshots, including a brand new screencap featuring Kadaj in front of an explosion and Cloud wearing his dark goggles while fighting on his motorbike are now available in the Screenshots Page!

Recent news - February 19 2005

In February 1998, a fifteen-year old boy discovered the world of RPGs through the greatest of them all, Final Fantasy VII.

Cloud Strife, the tormented character from that story, soon became his dearest hero.

Seven years later, his dreams of his teenage hero have finally come true.

The boy has become a man.
The man has become... CLOUD!!!

He reminds you that, if you work hard at it, there' s the chance that, for just one moment... perfection is possible.


Check out the Special Stage!

Recent news - January 31 2005

THE FOURTH OFFICIAL TRAILER is now available at the SQUARE-ENIX WEBSITE!!! It has an amazing style, very different from the classic trailers seen up to the present day! And... it features... SEPHIROTH!!! SEPHIROTH!!! ENJOY IT!!!

Recent - December 10 2004

4-MINUTES TRAILER AVAILABLE IN FLASH FORMAT AT THE SQUARE-ENIX WEBSITE!!! SEE IT NOW!!! Meanwhile we' ll try to convert it in avi or mpeg format somehow... stay tuned for updates!!!

Recent news - December 1 2004

Check the Rare and hard-to-find material Page for a special surprise (shhh... don' t tell anyone!) :-)

Visit the News Archive for the entire collection of news regarding Advent Children!


Recent news - November 1 2004

The first screenshot of Sephiroth has now been shown, although the quality isn' t that great... but many of you were eager to see him again, weren' t you? Check it out at the Screenshots Page!

Recent news - October 25 2004

How about I say "I forgive you"?

The Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Special Trailer has been shown in Montreal too, and while it was almost identical to the one we attended to in Venice, there were a couple of lines worth a mention, lines that weren' t included in the Venice screening or that perhaps we didn' t seem to notice or remember (although being mainly spoken by Aeris it would be rather absurd that our memory let us down, so few were the words she spoke and so high was our attention when she appeared on screen) ., quoting from an audio recording of the Montreal screen, has posted a detailed translation, you can find it at the link below:

Translation of the Montreal Special Trailer (almost identical to the Venice one)

This script may have two purposes: first, it allows those who were in Venice to better clear their own memory and let them remember things that might have been forgotten, and second, these new lines by Aeris are surely a nice add-on and will most certainly lead to other speculation and debates. I' ll post this translation in my Info Page trying to underline the most important as well as the newest lines it includes.

Let' s go, Cloud.

Recent news - October 16 2004

A new version of E3 Trailer is available from Gameshot, featuring better quality and audio, although it is taken from a side angle: check it out in the Trailers Page! Moreover, a new limited edition wallpaper is now for you to download in the Screenshots Page!

Recent news - September 26 2004

Finally, the 4 MINUTES TRAILER (recorded by cam, unfortunately) shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2004 is available, and as I predicted it was a compilation of some of the new scenes that were screened back in Venice. Watch it in the Trailers Page!

Moreover, the previously incomplete action figures are now full-painted, and you can see them in the Scans & Merchandise Page!

Recent news - September 23 2004

A new scan from Famitsu PS2 concerning the Venice screening of Advent Children has surfaced, featuring Cloud, Kadaj, Rude, the wheel-chaired man and Bahamut! Take a look at that in the Scan Page!

Plus, two brand new and interesting scans of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus are now available too in the Scan Page! Check them all out!

Recent news - September 16 2004

Cornucopia of Wonders

Adry-senpai' s report for his Venice experience is now on-line, in English as well as in Italian! Check it out at the Info Page if you feel like enjoying the Bard' s language, or at the Italian Info Page if you prefer the Boot' s version! :-) Try to answer his riddle in the Forum!

Recent news - September 15 2004

The new Final Fantasy VII game starring Vincent we had heard about has now a name: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, and a scan is now available in the Scan Page!

It seems to me very similar to Devil May Cry, but who knows how Square-Enix will be capable of amaze us (or spill us money) ? By the way, according to some rough translations of the scan, it seems that the story will take place 1 year AFTER Advent Children, when Vincent will have to face some enemies called the Dirge of Cerberus, and a familiar face (Reeve, whom we were missing in AC) should make his appearance. You may also notice in the fore-mentioned scan some screenshots from the AC Venice trailer concerning Bahamut flying in the sky...

Recent news - September 13 2004

Eight official screenshots of Yuffie, Zack, Kadaj, the Healing Lodge and the square where the Meteor monument has been built have surfaced, and while we wait for Adry-senpai' s Venice report you may check them out in the Screenshots Page!

Recent news - September 5 2004

Aftermath to Absolute

Back from the EXTRAORDINARY mission completed in Venice, here I hand over to you my promised FULL-COMPREHENSIVE ULTRA-LONG DELUXE NEVERENDING ADVENT CHILDREN IN VENICE REPORT, including the full description of the 25 minutes Special Version (watch for SPOILERS) and Tetsuya Nomura' s approach!!! What are you waiting for??? Go at once to the Info Page and READ IT!!! READ IT!!!

Check out our performance too in the Famitsu Venice Report!!! We' re too cool!!! And take a look also at the japanese ITmedia Venice Report, where another shot of mine was published, AC T-shirt on display!!!

I' ve updated my FFVII: AC report with more lines from Vincent, the wheel-chaired man, Kadaj and Zack, and added a bit more things here and there!

Recent news - September 3 2004

Prelude to Reunion

Everything is settled...
distant voices are calling...

...the Reunion is about to take place, and the two heroes take their swords in hand and head towards Venice, where everything begins and ends...!!!
Take a look at Daniele (me) and Adry-senpai who have readied themselves for the journey (notice the T-shirt... heheheh) and prepare for the FULL COMPREHENSIVE VENICE REPORT that will be on-line Sunday morning, where we will describe (if words will be enough to grasp the ABSOLUTE) the special preview of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children shown at the Venice Festival! Please look forward to it!!!

Go now to the Info Page!

Recent news - September 2 2004

I' ve captured three screenshots from the Flash intro of the Panasonic japanese website related to the P900iV mobile phone Cloud uses in Advent Children... All of them feature Cloud in different stances, always obviously accompanied by the advertised phone! Give them a look in the Screenshots Page!

Recent news - August 30 2004

Manifesto of Advent

Here is the manifesto of Advent Children from the official site of the Venice Festival, both in English and Italian, where a synopsis of the story is presented, along with Tetsuya Nomura' s biography and his personal comment about the invitation Advent Children received for the Venice Festival... just three words: CHECK-IT-OUT!!!!!!!!!

Direct link: Advent Children in Venice PDF
You can also find it in the Info Page!

Recent news - August 27 2004

Two new scans featuring a NEW LOCATION (the Healing Lodge, a.k.a. the Geostigma Sanatorium in Love of Silence) and a higher resolution image of Zack on the truck (wow, it rhymed... ergh, sorry) are for you to see in the Scan Page!

Recent news - August 23 2004

Finally an uncut version of the Zack scan is available, where you can clearly see the truck he is in (it should be the one he was together with the half-conscious Cloud in the flashback seen at the basement of the Shinra Mansion, after Cloud returned from the Lifestream and found his real self)... check it out at the Scan Page!

Previous News - August 20 2004

Yuffie' s face is finally shown, along with the first screenshot of ZACK in the latest japanese scan, although it is a bit cut in the lower size and the definition isn' t that great... but let' s revel in the fact that we now know that Zack will be there someway! Hopefully I' ll send one of my trusted fellows to the 61st Venice Festival, where 30 minutes of Advent Children will be displayed for the " Venezia Digitale " section of the manifestation, but who knows if I' ll be there too! :) Meanwhile, btw, check the scan out at the Scan Page!

Recent news - August 06 2004

Back from a little vacation, here I am again with some fresh screenshots that have leaked out just a minute ago... check them out at my Screenshots Page!

Recent news - July 24 2004

Yuffie is revealed in a new japanese scan, along with more shots of our familiar faces, including Tifa, Marlene, Vincent, Kadaj, Reno, Rude, Cid and Red XIII! Check it out at the Scan Page!

Recent news - July 20 2004

A new image of Cloud beside Tifa who is laying down somewhat hurt has surfaced, along with another showing close-ups of Cid and Red XIII! Check them out at the Scan Page!

Previous news - July 9 2004

New scans from Famitsu PS2 magazine have surfaced, check them out at my Scan Page!

" Yume ka utsutsu ka? "

Previous news - July 5 2004

Another EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED wallpaper featuring Tifa in the cathedral is now available in the Screenshots Page, along with a promotional poster of Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis which features Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack and the Turks!

Moreover, as you may already have noticed, I' ve added cellular clips of Cloud, Tifa and Aeris at the top of almost each page of my Advent Children section, hope you enjoy it! :-)

UPDATED! Previous news - July 3 2004

New scans featuring brand new images of Tifa, Cloud ( talking with the mobile phones ) , CID HIGHWIND, RED XIII, Reno & Rude fighting against Loz and Yazoo, and CLOUD WITH AERIS in a flowery meadow are now available in the Scan Page... A MUST SEE!!!

Now featuring translations from for two of the scans above, where Cloud says...

" Kanojo to no futatabi a. Sore ga my dream "

Moreover, if you want to take a look at Cloud' s mobile phone ( that is indeed the newest Panasonic P900iV "Cloud Black" which includes Advent Children content and the first Final Fantasy game ) , the one he uses in Advent Children, check out my Scan Page in the merchandising section! Square-Enix, you couldn' t fall that lower, now you' ve put even hidden ( actually, not so hidden ) advertising messages in Final Fantasy VII... SHAME ON YOU!!!

Previous news - June 20 2004

New HIGH RESOLUTION screenshots directly taken from the screensaver are now available in the Screenshots Page... enjoy!

Previous news June 19 2004

For the joy of all of us, in the latest issue of the japanese magazine V-Jump, an image featuring a GIRL THAT CLEARLY RESEMBLES AERIS has surfaced, along with a shot of Cloud together with Rude & Reno and the picture of a new character, a child that apparently lives with Tifa, whose name should be Denzel.

NOTE: in the picture of the "mysterious girl wearing Aeris' uniform" , Cloud is shown back-to-back to this girl, and he wears his new outfit... meaning, THIS IS NOT A FLASHBACK, ISN' T IT?
Boy, things are starting to get serious now......... CHECK MY SCAN PAGE AT ONCE!!!

Previous news - June 12 2004

From a recent interview in another Japanese magazine, Nomura stated a couple of interesting things:

  1. it' ll be very likely to see almost all the characters we well know, but certainly they won' t gather in a party like they did back in FFVII;

  2. as many of us had previously guessed, the Three Silver-haired men are connected with Sephiroth as well as with the Geostigma and the Jenova' s Reunion, and Nomura also added that the two years of calm were originated by a certain "union" related to these three characters;

  3. the word "Children" in Advent Children really means the children like Marlene and the others, and it seems that while Cloud and the others had to save the world back then, now they have to do the same with the children - Nomura said that the three questions at the end of the E3 trailer are something we must really pay attention to!

Regarding these matters, check out my newest theory at the Info Page!

Previous news - May 24 2004

New scans from Famitsu Magazine and from the E3 report are available in the Scans & Merchandise section... Take a look at them!

Previous news - May 21 2004

A new, limited, wallpaper is now available in the Screenshots & Wallpapers section, featuring the Three Advent Children, that' s to say Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo. And the official site has been updated with some interesting news about the characters...

Check the new info out in my just-opened FINAL FANTASY FORUM!!!

Previous news - May 19 2004

An interview with Nomura and some other details about Advent Children have appeared in some japanese magazines. The japanese script can be found at FF7AC-Reunion, while a translation, courtesy of, can be found at my Info page! Read it NOW!!!

Previous news - May 17 2004

New action figures were revealed at the E3, some of which were still unpainted, in a pre-production state. Take a look at them at the Scans & Merchandise page!

Previous news - May 15 2004

For a LIMITED TIME, as long as Square-Enix allows me to keep them, I' ll have three new wallpapers and the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children SCREENSAVER for you to download at the Screenshots page! Hurry and download them NOW!

Previous news - May 13 2004

The new E3 Trailer is finally available at the Official Site, so you won' t have to rely on those pissers at Gamespot anymore! Meanwhile, check out the 33 NEW SCREENCAPS that I took directly from the flash Trailer!!!

Check them out at my Screenshots page!

Previous news - May 12 2004

A new trailer of Advent Children has been showed at the E3! Unfortunately, it is an exclusive of, so in order to view it you have to go there and register, and with the free registration you will only be able to watch it in streaming... :((( Btw, I got three screenshots from that trailer that you can find in the Screenshot page!

New scans from Jump Magazine are also available in the Scans Page!

And for those of you who won' t be able to watch the trailer anytime soon, I' ve jot down an accurate Trailer transcript to be satisfied with during your wait! Check out the Trailer page for the link to the Gamespot page featuring the new trailer!

Previous news - May 10 2004

Thanks to, we now have the translated scan from Jump Magazine, and the confirmation for the little girl to be Marlene!

Take a look at the Scans page!

Previous news - May 9 2004

Some exciting new images from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children have popped out on Jump Magazine as a small preview for what we' ll likely see in the E3... These scans feature a female character that has been confirmed being TIFA, the names of the Three Silver-Haired Men, that in katakana (the Japanese syllab alphapet used to write the rough pronounciation for foreign words) sound like "Kadaaju" (the smaller one) , "Yazuu" (the tall one with long hair) and "Rozu" [Ross?] (the tall one with short hair) , and the long-awaited return of RUDE and RENO, as well as some new images of our well-known Vincent and of a little girl who could be Marlene!

Check them out at my Scans page!!!

Previous News - April 30 2004

There isn' t much about Advent Children that has leaked out in the recent weeks. The major exploit is scheduled for May, after the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will have taken place, for Square claimed that they will reveal more elements and information about FFVII Advent Children during the fore-mentioned expo. So, let' s wait a bit more and hope to get some fresher and deeper insight in the upcoming month!

Previous news - March 12 2004

During a recent interview for the Official US Playstation Magazine, Tetsuya Nomura, aside the same old trite stuff, claimed that most of the characters the fans would like to see will actually feature in Advent Children, and like Uematsu previously affirmed, Nomura said that a game sequel to FFVII could be something to work on to in the future. By the way, he also underlined a rather unpleasant thing, i.e. Advent Children will perhaps be playable on the Playstation 2 only and thus not on the normal stand-alone dvd players.
You can find a partial scan of this interview in the Scans & Merchandise section (the bottom scanned pages) .

Previous updates - March 12 2004

At last! The graphic upgrade of Final Fantasy Dimension is finally taking place, and you can witness the brand new graphic design with your own eyes! As of today, the layout change has affected the Advent Children sections only, but it will soon rejuvenate the entire Final Fantasy Dimension! Enjoy my hard work!

Previous News - January 27 2004

In a recent interview, Tetsuya Nomura, our well-known character designer, claimed that a female character will be introduced, supposingly new to the story. Who this character may be and what role she' ll be playing in FFVII: Advent Children is still unkwown, though.

Previous News - January 20 2004

The great Nobuo Uematsu, the extraordinary composer of the Final Fantasy saga, in a recent interview talked about FFVII: Advent Children, saying that the only music tracks from FFVII to be re-used will be the Main Theme, Aeris' Theme and One-Winged Angel (Katayoku no Tenshi) . But more importantly, while on one side claiming that Advent Children will actually be an OAV and thus not a playable game, on the other he confirmed his current participation in a "secret" project, that is RUMORED to be Final Fantasy VII-2. In fact, nobody has ever mentioned that Advent Children is FFVII-2, leading to believe that Advent Children itself, with its short length of approx. 70-80 minutes, will turn out to be just a prequel to Final Fantasy VII-2. Let' s keep our fingers crossed as always!

Previous News - December 27 2003

Minor revelations about the plot have been dispatched: it seems that strange abnormalities are occurring at the Northern Cave, and at the same time, the infamous " Planet Scar Syndrome " starts to take effect on the Planet, at a still unknown extent. About the commercial stuff, I' ve added a few wallpapers, but more importantly a brand new japanese magazine scan where Barret, Vincent and some other unrevealed characters are battling in a dark forest, and where we can see a sort of flashback of Aeris' burial in the lake of the Forgotten City. Check them out!
An interesting rumor is the following: it seems that Senior Vice President of Square-Enix, Shinji Hashimoto, stressed that it is still on discussion whether FFVII: Advent Children will be released in the DVD video format or not, making room for speculations about a hypothetic Playstation 2 sequel that could be actually played...

Previous News - November 12 2003

Some release dates for the upcoming movie in DVD have been dispatched, and you can find them below. Unfortunately, the European release has not been confirmed yet, so there' s no guarantee the date shown - last quarter of 2004 - will be correct at all. Check out this page periodically for more updates, I' ll publish fresher news as soon as they come out!

Previous News - November 3 2003

For those of us who really look forward to an American release of the sequel to FFVII, now something seems to be moving: Square Enix has requested United States title protection for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This is a fundamental step in order for the movie to be released in the U.S.A.. Let' s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official announcements!

Previous News - October 9 2003

It seems that the movie, which will be considered as an OAV, will include 20 characters, so it' ll be likely to see many familiar faces from Final Fantasy VII coming back with a vengeance, and it is my conviction that we' ll see Aeris, perhaps in spirit form, appear somewhere... does the Church you see in the screenshots and in the trailer tell you anything?

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