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August scans featuring some new images of all the Advent Children cast, plus a Materia box and Kadaj who puts a materia into his arm!

July scans featuring new images from Advent Children, including a Jenova flashback and Cloud VS Sephiroth in the - suppposedly - final battle of the movie!

Scan featuring some images from the secret OAV Final Fantasy VII: LAST ORDER that will be included in the Ultimate Limited Edition of FFVII Advent Children!

Scans from Dengeki Playstation Magazine, showing the latest screenshots of Advent Children!

Brand new scans featuring never-seen-before images of Cloud, Vincent, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz & co., plus CAIT SITH riding Nanaki!!!

Two new scans for Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus!

A new scan from Famitsu PS2 concerning the Venice screening of Advent Children...

A little off-topic, but check this scan of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, the new PS2 game featuring Vincent Valentine that will come out in Japan in 2005

Two new scans, featuring A NEW LOCATION ( the Healing Lodge, near Midgar, Kalm and Chocobo Farm ) and a higher shot of Zack

Yuffie' s face and ZACK (!!!) are revealed in the latest japanese scan... NOW THE UNCUT VERSION IS AVAILABLE!

Zack screenshot

Yuffie appears at last in a new scan with more images of Cid, Red XIII, Reno, Rude, Tifa, Marlene, Vincent and Kadaj!

A new image of Cloud beside a wounded(?) Tifa and another with Cid & Red XIII close-ups

More scans from Famitsu PS2

New scans featuring brand new images of Tifa, Cloud ( talking with the mobile phones ) , CID HIGHWIND, RED XIII, Reno & Rude fighting against Loz and Yazoo, and Cloud with Aeris in a flowery meadow...!!!
( translations courtesy of )

New scan from V-Jump, featuring A GIRL WITH A STRIKING RESEMBLANCE TO AERIS GAINSBOROUGH, Reno, Rude and a new child named Denzel

New scans from Famitsu Magazine and from the E3 Report

New scans from Jump Magazine waiting for the E3

Previous scans

Looking for RARE ADVENT CHILDREN pictures and stuff? Check out the hard-to-find things at the Rare and hard-to-find material Page!

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