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Length of time gone away
Since the the first dawn of the world
Back then she fell from the skies
Sparkling like the glimmer of a meteor

Huge impact subsided in the crash
Never thought, never seen one alike
People found out with their eyes
How they could have been astonished

She chose not the way to friendship
But deranging all the land she found
Lethal sickness gave to the Cetra
With the will to rule over their planet

Yet it feared the danger itself
Looking at the monsters she produced
And extracting the power of the Lifestream
Guardians were born for its health

So the light of hope rose again
To win the horrific catastrophe
Together joined their strong spirits
The ones who survived the deadly infection

Strength and magic one thing became
To make the last dream come true
Sacrificed their lives in the effort
To confine the menace from the space

Planet’ s weapons and calamity herself
Put to sleep for two thousand years
A grave chained in the deepest side
Waiting for someone to awake

And one day so far from the beginning
A frozen coffin was finally discovered
An unknown figure believed for one of those
Ancients that beat her in the past

Then a child was born from her cells
To be the strongest of the warriors
An experiment pulled against nature
A terrible mistake that cannot be forgiven.

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