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Divine was your name
The greatest of all the warriors
You were called
Until the day of your ineluctable fate

You not only reached a forbidden town
You entered the gates of a burning hell
They opened over your past knowledge
You were ordered not to come back

Reality you found out guided you
To a plan struggling the universe
Life too cruel for your sake
You decided to make as yours

The you sleeping in your body cells
Awoke to scramble the existence
Of all the creatures around your eyes
Doomed to be pursued by your shadow

You thought none could stop you
No one could interfere your foolishness
You were proud of your power, reassured
By your heart sealed from human weakness

So high in your conceited wishes
So deep in your fallen soul
Shining like a blue comet
You were almost a god

And yet someone appeared
With his sword stabbed you twice
A young boy vanished your dreams
You and your mother were defenseless to him

Beaten by the will of sadness and desperation
You fell down into a hidden abyss
Perhaps the skies refused your brightness
The sun feared your evil look

Now no more battles are waiting for you
No more fights amidst your way
The planet where you once lived
Didní t allow you to accomplish what you started

Black darkness surrounded your corpse
There was no vitality in your closed eyes
All that remained of you
Was scattered through the green lifestream.

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