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A man walks through his way
And beside him lies a shade
That follows him everywhere
As a mirror of deadly deeds

That man carries a sword
With sharp blade and long edge
Beside her, he fought too much
Never panting or having a rest

He wears a dark-black coat
And a cape covers his back
His hair glistens in the air
A silvered light it emanates

Who knows why he’ s so lonely
And what is wrong with him
He seems to have no feelings
Caring only of his hidden dreams

Strong will, perhaps ambitious
Guides him to this set course
It’ s useless trying to stop him
He’ d slash you and go away

Evil heart within the skin
Beats and calls out revenge
Humans were so cruel to him
Since his heavy cursed birth

His mother died too early
His father he has never known
No friends that could help him
No comfort over despair

Only enemies he met ‘till now
First of all, a damned nature
Which stunted all his destiny
Making him a devil on earth

He is really alone in the world
The Planet refuses his presence
People cannot accept him
He needs nobody but himself

A plan now flows in his mind
He wants to take over the beings
The ones who rejected his sight
Will fall as corpses at his feet

His aim in that remains unseen
It’ s not only hate against man kind
Avenging this way’ s not enough
To repay those who disdained him

So he claims one further step
The ascent over a new existence
To set free his ensnared spirit
Acquiring a divine-like form

A god he dares to become
Ruler of the entire universe
Past, present, future at his hands
Able to create and destroy

Such a man keeps going on
Engaging and winning fights
He pursues all of his schemes
With one wing, so he cannot fly.

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