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Oh, my little lonely girl,
What is that sorrow walking with you,
That fogs your eyes with a veil
Of unbreaking shade yet well masked?
You follow a path of deranging,
Unavoidable in its high purpose,
You know your fight could be terrible
But you cannot quit, neither can your friends

Oh, my little lonely girl,
Who are the people you call friends,
Different men with different lives,
Sharing only that cruel battle with you?
They try hard in order to survive
From the everyday dangers they face
And doing so, they claim to help the Planet
As defeating the menace hanging upon him

Oh, my little lonely girl,
Whom are you firmly struggling against,
A wicked company or just one man
Or both of them you consider as foes?
Your life so far was distressed by them:
Five years ago all the horror exploded,
Nowadays, it is still flowing around you
And the primordial madness never perished

Oh, my little lonely girl,
Where have you left that kind and fair boy,
Met in childhood, remembered in youth
And gone away searching glory and fame?
You thought a lot about him in the past,
Now he is giving aid for your adventure
But you believe your mind has forgotten
That one day he came back to save your life

Oh, my little lonely girl,
How can you forgive the insanity of one man
Who burned your hometown, killed your father
And broke your existence in body and soul?
You knew nothing about his cursed origin
And nothing else you would dare to comprehend,
His diabolical actions remain in your mind
As emny memories that cannot be deleted

Oh, my little lonely girl,
Why did your destiny choose this troubled way
Of desperate fighting, of concealed love
And cannot follow another, happier course?
Many perils will reach you in a while,
You will be divided by an angel and devil
So prepare yourself, even if you feel strong,
For you are still a harmless and needful girl.

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