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Sweet look she placed upon me
When I first met her beauty on a day
A day of unlimited hope and faith
My heart beating for a deep love

But soon all of my hopes vanished
All the feelings were dispelled the same
My short joy turned to mere sadness
My passion was overtaken by sorrow

It was all because of one person
Someone who interfered our lives
Suddenly, he peeked into her heart
And he was nothing else than a man

No... What on earth am I saying?
He could not be a man at all
But a monster, spiteful creature
Embodiment of devil brought next to us

He fooled her, filled her with lies
Betrayed her trust and emotions
Enraptured the soul of an innocent
For a self-centredness pulled to the limit

Scientifically he said he was acting
But of a diabolical, wicked science
Which quickly came to hellish results
Through the deranging of human lives

And on a day, when heavens conspired
A devilish creature was born from the womb
Of the woman I worshipped so much
Who was not even able to see her child

Then, I could not bear anymore
The madness of that heartless beast
I pulled myself in a desperate trial
To put an end to such a living horror

Nevertheless, I was too weak to hope
Of defeating the world' s insolent enemy
My previous life was thrown away
By the evil mind I had thought to stop

My pain, however, was far to finish
He turned my body into a mutated being
I came to myself as a terrible artifact
Doomed for a second, cursed existence

I was ashamed of my infinite weakness
In saving a female life and my own
I found a coffin as my resting place
The punishment I gave me was to sleep

The most terrifying nightmares reached me
My unhappy memories haunted my spirit
This way, I wanted to purify my blood
From the sins committed in the past

Many years later, someone woke me up
People with a journey and a mission
I decided to join them in the road
That would have led me to the final revenge

Now, I am still a kind of vampire
And yet, he is definitely dead
If I keep being a monster in body
He certainly was a monster in soul

Now, I have realized what the truth must be
He is sleeping forever, as he should have before
I am fighting against his natural heir
The damned son of the goddess I loved.

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