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Your childhood memories may fail you
The deepest side of your mind
Will show you the truth

Looking to her room’ s window
Opened over an ever-green field
You desire it will always be so

But time shatters things without notice
Landscapes, people change
While you wake up with the sunrise

And when you find who is believed as lost
Feelings come back
Pursuing you, haunting you

A meeting that again repeats
What was in your heart that day
And now flows in your scrambled body

The beating of your breast seems like hits
Of meteors falling on Earth’ s surface
When you approach to her shine and beauty

Hug her body, love her
Even if she’ s not the same you knew
Put her lips near yours, give her an eternal kiss

Right now, as long as you’ re able
Hold her strong, don’ t let her go away
There’ s something else you must worry about

‘Cause today you see through her thoughts
But you don’ t understand yours yet
Someone is coming to make you realize

" Crisis for the Planet " you don’ t care so much
But " Crisis for your life " is just the same as above
Struggle never ended, you never felt its touch

Blade of steel and light you’ ll encounter soon
Inside your soul, you’ ll fight the scare
That’ s leading you to the anger

Defeat him once and for all
Holy will set you free from the evil
And you’ ll start this new life

Love chained will spread out
Purified from all the worries
Ready to take you onto its wings

Won your fear, you’ re victorious
The great battle is over with it
So you can say " It’ s just you and me "

- And smile to her for your gained happiness.

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