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A story of a planet in danger
Drained by a company of its energies

A story of a group of eco-fighters
Trying every way to face the evil doom

A story of a boy with overflown memories
Searching desperately for his true self

A story of a girl among the troubles
Giving her youth to save the future

A story of a love hidden and forgotten
Coming out from ensnared hearts

A story of some people and their battle
To settle things right for their lives

A story of calamities from the skies
Struggling the very life of the world

A story of glowing magic spheres
Born by the powers of the ancestors

A story of a cold and strong man
Obsessed with the dare to be a god

His schemes involved all human kind
To end with the most tragic death

Final Fantasy VII

| Your Love, Your Fear | The Evil One | The Crisis for the Planet | Destiny of Despair | The Seventh Fantasy | Winged Soul | Story of Light and Hope | Damned Existence | Lonely Girl

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